Château Cap de Magnet 2005

Shoe shops are fine places, especially if, like me, you like shoes.  There is nothing like the smell of a shoe shop.  Intoxicating and attractive, but I don’t eat shoes, I wear them.

Cap de Magnet with Klondike Pete and his Golden Nuggets (for some reason)

Which brings me to the wine in question, Château Cap de Magnet 2005, Bordeaux Superieur.  I’ve tried quite a few early release 2005 simple, cheap, country red wines, mostly with great results.

When I opened this bottle I caught a strong whiff of leather.  The smell of a new pair of leather shoes, worn for the first time.  Slightly warm when you take them off, a certain human smell, some beeswax, but mostly just the smell of new shoe leather.

In fairness the wine was quite fruity – mainly plum flavours.  But the shoes kept coming back.  I thought of Paolo Nutini and his song New Shoes which I quite liked until I saw him live at Live Earth, Wembley.  He was rubbish.  He didn’t engage with the audience at all.  He looked down at the floor like a hunchback searching for a lost contact lens.  So I didn’t enjoy it.

Much the same with this wine sadly.  Too much leather.

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