Wither Hills: Burgundy basher

Is the UK banking system about to collapse?  The current credit crunch has resulted in Northern Rock taking an “emergency” loan from the Bank of England.   Banks normally lend to each other but when times are tight, the BoE is there to ensure that confidence in the banking system is retained by being a lender of last resort (albeit at premium rates).  The Old Lady, and most financial commentators keep emphasising that Northern Rock is fully solvent and there is no crisis.  And yet Northern Rock customers are queuing round the block  to withdraw their savings.

We all know, from bitter personal experience, that building confidence in anything takes an age, whilst successful attempts to undermine confidence are normally sub-second torpedo strikes.

After building my confidence in several New Zealand Sauvignons I realised that Pinot Noirs from the land of kiwi were gaining in reputation, and promised to try one or two.  I didn’t have to queue round the block for this Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2004, which I simply ordered online.

Wither Hills Pinot Noir….and evidence of Man City actually winning a game (for some reason)

A lot of Pinot Noirs, for example from Burgundy, taste to me of stewed red fruits:  Strawberries; raspberries; cherries.  This kiwi one was a concrete mixer full of black cherries, oak and a touch of cinnamon.  Very subtle and Burgundian on the nose but quite intense on the palate.

It’s not cheap.  I paid £14.95, but I think it’s worth the money and compares very favourably to many Burgundies.  I wonder if New Zealand is going to do to Bourgogne with Pinot Noir, what it did to the Loire Valley with Sauvignon Blanc, that is, force the French to raise their game?  I hope so.

My confidence in New Zealand Pinot Noirs is starting to build as a result of this wine, and I’ll definitely be looking for more.  Maybe I’ll rush to the wine bank and queue up to make a withdrawal.

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