Dear WordPress, am I a geek now?

I am so impressed with WordPress – it is the platform for both my blogs.  But I may have stepped over the line in my loyal devotion, because I am the new, and proud, owner of a WordPress T-Shirt.

I’m so proud…but am I a geek?

I now have two real concerns about wearing it.

  1. The only people who will recognise the logo will be geeks, and I will look like one myself.  Do I have to stop shaving?  Should I start wearing sandals (and socks)?  What do I do if I get approached and asked an awkward question?
  2. As a Manchester City fan, the colour red (Man United) is anathema to me.  What if people think I am a Man United supporting geek?  Come on guys, can we please have a blue T-Shirt next????

2 Responses to “Dear WordPress, am I a geek now?”

  1. Ms. Q Says:

    I am not an afficionado of Logowear.

    HOWEVER, as a freakin’ 42 year old, American, and Chinese, who happens to be under FIVE FEET TALL (four-foot-ten-and-three-quarter-inches SHORT) I am totally willing to wear WordPress Geek Wear.

    Socks are optional and if it’s cold, I’m all for comfort.

    UK geeks must be different than Stateside geeks. Stateside geeks don’t give a flying eff about their clothing. For Stateside geeks, the fewer people who “get” the goofy penguin on the black tee shirt, the better.

    I say wear your WordPress shirt and wear it with pride.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Thanks Ms Q.
    I’d still prefer a blue one though.

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