Bemused by new Wembley

I was asked by one of the sponsors of “new” Wembley “do you want to come and see Muse?”  My total dumbfounded silence made them re-phrase the question – “I’ve got a box at Wembley to see some band you’ve never heard of, do you want to come?”  “YES PLEEEEEEEASE!”

OK so I am too old to have heard of Muse – you can laugh but at least I remember Led Zeppelin – I still have most of their albums (on vinyl of course) and I saw Spinal Tap at Live Earth – rock on!

I thought you might be interested in the pics.

Be mused….be very mused

Muse?  Imagine the bastard son of Radiohead and Suede and (if you are a Gen Xer like me) you will see what I mean.

Open the box!

Inside the hallowed box - one is very lucky to get in here!

You have to be very privileged indeed to see this view live!

Room with a view!

The food was surprisingly good despite reports I had heard to the contrary.  Having munched our way through the cold course (huge stand pie, cold meats, salad etc) I was already feeling full.  Then the 2nd course arrived.  Ahhh errm can I pass on the curry please?  I’m full up!

Room with a view 2

I get a bit excited at times as you can see below.  But its not every day one gets the opportunity to visit Wembley (as a Man City fan you know where I am coming from).  So to visit Wembley in the comfort of a corporate box?  Bring me a prawn sandwich, Roy!

I’m getting just a litle bit too excited….for some reason

So the concert was OK, but the experience awesome.  Dirty Pretty things were the best act for me.  Muse were a bit anthemic and a bit samey but fun nonetheless.  Can anyone tell me where to get a record player so I can listen to my old Suede and Radiohead 45’s?

3 Responses to “Bemused by new Wembley”

  1. Ciaran Says:

    Yes, I was laughing at you, but you redeemed yourself by having the good taste to like Radiohead.

  2. william Says:

    anthemic? definitely… that’s the best bit…
    samey?!?!?! ARE YOU AN IDIOT?!?!

    MUSE are easily THE best live band on the planet, and easily the best band to have ever existed!

    To say you liked Dirty Pretty Things more is a SIN

    they were CRAP

    I myself was on the barrier both nights


    best night(s) of my 16 year old life

  3. flo Says:

    Would not have swapped two nights on the barrier fr that box. Or, in fact, for anything in the world!
    NOTHING – except maybe sex – beats being that close to such a legendary band.

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