Grand Cru Chablis – Worth the extra? Part deux.

Do you remember my post about Grand Cru Chablis?

I finally got round to sampling the Premier Cru from the same stable albeit a different year (2004 vs 2002).  Perhaps the most important difference is the price.  The Grand Cru at £24.99 and the Premier Cru at 13.99.  So the question is, should one pay the huge difference for the Grand Cru?

Chablis on an outdoor table (which is indoors for some reason)

The Premier Cru from 2004 is undoubtedly an excellent wine.  Slightly sharper and less buttery than its elder Sibling.  I got heather honey notes with hints of peach and conference pear.  A gorgeous wine.

So in assessing whether the Grand Cru is worth the extra maybe it comes down to war time rationing.  Do you want to pay double to have butter on your otherwise dry bread?  If it’s my money, I’ll stick to the dry bread which is nonetheless exceptionally fresh and tasty….however, if anyone wants to buy me the butter I’ll take it as the French say, volontiers. Est-ce que vous avez compris?

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