Soooo Organic – so which Malbec?

One Sunday a few years ago Sainsbury’s locked my car in their Huddersfield car park causing me massive inconvenience.  Combined with their stock replenishment problems at the time, I swore I would never shop there again.

Regular readers will know that my grudges don’t hold much resolve so last week saw me nipping into Sainsbury’s on Regent Rd in Manchester looking for Malbec.  Ciaran had recommended the So Organic Free Trade one.

At £5.99 it’s the most expensive of all the supermarket ones I have tried.  However it is very good.

The usual brambly notes but this one is somehow a little deeper than the Asda Malbecs.  A very pleasant drink and my only criticism is it tasted a bit dry, almost as if there was sediment in the glass (there wasn’t).  I would strongly recommend drinking slightly chilled (say 16 degrees Celsius).

If you’re the sort of person who buys organic and free trade you may consider it worth the extra money.

If you simply take VFM into account the winner by far is the Asda Reserve Malbec at only £4 – a steal.  If you want to spend more on a better bottle go for the Susana Balbo, £11.95 from the Wine Society.  If you want to be an imbecile and spend though the nose go to any Gaucho Grill and order a high priced, super high markup Malbec whose only redeeming feature will be that it is served with a great steak.

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