I’m Saar Confused…

I am working my way, manfully, through a case of Wine Society branded wines.  Not all this evening I might add but nonetheless at a steady pace.

After all, it’s necessary to find some solace when Steve McClaren is manager of your national football team.

This wine is a Saar Reisling Von Kesselstat 2004 and to be frank I am as confused about it as the Wine Society is.

Their website mentions an alcohol level of 9.5% and then goes on to confirm it’s 10.5% whereas the bottle says 9%.  All of these are light and probably indicate that not too much of the sugar has turned to alcohol.

So I read on the website that it is dry but rich.  However, I find it medium to medium sweet and quite light.

One thing I can agree on is that it is fruit driven.  Raspberries, blackcurrants and sugar – OK I know that’s not a fruit but there is too much sugar.

Wine Society Saar Reisling…and a pan of boiling peas for some reason 

Despite the confusion and sugar rush it’s quite a jolly wine but to be honest I prefer the drier Reislings from Germany and Alsace.  I won’t be re-ordering this one.

Here’s a subliminal message from our sponsors – McCLAREN – RESIGN!!!  You did not read that here.

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