Asda Malbec post script

Just a quick post to say that in an earlier post I mentioned that I had found a pure Malbec at Asda for only £3.78 and now I have tried it I can report that my new found love for Asda’s wine buyers has flourished again.

They described the wine as a “delicious glass of smooth juicy pleasure” and for once I agree with the label!

This Malbec is by the same producer (La Riojana) as the Reserve 2004.  This one, well, it wasn’t a reserve and it was a 2005.

It had the same gorgeous bramble jelly flavours but perhaps lacked some of the vanilla and spice in the reserve.

If you like your wines really fruity and very simple, do try the Famatina Valley 2005.  If, however, you like a more mature, more complex wine I would recommend shelling out the extra 22 pence for the 2004 Reserve (this difference looks set to increase to about a pound when the Reserve promo finishes).

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  1. Man City are Rubbish Says:

    Just thought I would send a post today given the aptness of my user name and the FA Cup result yesterday !

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    I got a message from Ciaran recommending Sainsbury’s Organic (and free trade) Malbec.
    In the interests of finding wine from as many sources as possible I got hold of a bottle – the cheapest bottle of Malbec I could find on Sainsburys’ shelves. At £5.99 that’s at least 50% dearer than the other supermarkets.
    Let’s hope its good then! When I get round to tasting it I’ll let you know what I think in a future post…

  3. Confessions of a Wino » Blog Archive » Can o’ wine fails to shine Says:

    […] still feel ripped off even at that price.  Much better to invest just 3 pence more on a bottle of Malbec from Asda and keep it open for three […]

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