Super sale at Sunday Times – but hurry

I am so excited I could eat a bowl of soup.  And if you want to be as excited as me you have until 11am tomorrow (1 December).  Oh, and you need to be a member of the Sunday Times Wine Club.  Oh, and you need to have a wine budget of at least £100.  I can’t see the same offer on the Laithwaites main site so maybe they will repeat this down the way.

The deal is that if you spend £100 you get 10% off.  Not that special, but if you can find £150 the discount ups to 15%, and if you are in the fortunate position of having £200 or more leaking from your trousers, 20% is your reward!

I’ve just placed an order for 6 bottles of Cheval des Andes 2005, an Argentinean stunner made in a Bordeaux style but with “robust” spinal chord of Malbec.  A well regarded wine, which is more than can be said for the abysmal website.

With a 20% discount, even including delivery charges I have just paid £37 per bottle.  Compare this to the normal STWC/Laithwaites prices of £45, the Majestic price of £50, and the rip-off Gaucho Wine Boutique price of £64.65, I think that is a bargain.

By the way, if you dine at Gaucho Grills, expect to see this wine on the list at £147.95 per bottle – oucho!

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  1. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    My Cheval des Andes has arrived. Can I store it for a year or two, and resist the temptation of springing a bottle over Xmas? I doubt it.

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    I’ve just had a “January fine wine sale” mailing from STWC and they have dropped the 2005 Cheval des Andes to £38 per bottle (plus postage). I could have selected any wine on their entire list for my 20% discount and I chose one that was going down in price anyway!

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