Ci Platino, 2005

You may have noticed I was having problems with my ISP until recently.  This was driving me to drink which is, fortuitously, a pastime in which I am experienced and capable.

Platino, Platini life goes on, hey!

On the 75th anniversary of the first World Cup, and who knows, possibly on the site of one of the stadia, some bloke in Uruguay was mixing 6 Tannat grapes for every 4 Merlot and giving birth to Ci Platino.  This wine made its journey all the way to my rack via a Tesco shopping spree and the departure of £8.19 from my ever lighter-weight wallet.

The wine was smoother than I expected but still rough edged enough to remind me of a cheap French Syrah, or even a freaky Pinot Noir from Eastern Europe.  It was certainly interesting, though, with flavours including radishes, cloved York ham, dark fruits and Indian spices.

I would definitely drink it again but it’s possibly a little costly compared to many other great red wines from South America.

3 Responses to “Ci Platino, 2005”

  1. Douglas Says:

    If Pinot Noir is the Brigitte Bardot of grapes, what is Tannat? And how is the lawnmower?

  2. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Have you ever tried a pure Tannat? I have not. I used to have a couple of bottles but my lawn mower munched them….

  3. Douglas Says:

    Varietal Tannat is denture-adventure, leaving teeth vampiric….

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