Palacio de Monsalud 2001

I found Palacio de Monsalud at the Sunday Times Wine Club.

Nice bag of Earl Grey (my favourite) and Monsalud (not)

It is inexpensive (£7.42 per bottle) and I think it arrived in one of those bin end cases that always looks great value but invariably disappoints on balance.  The smell on opening was prunes.  A heavy thick set wine that reminded me of Port, despite only 13% alcohol.  Some spice in the form of French mustard may have been false interest introduced only by the smear of Dijon mustard on my pork sandwich.

At first I assumed the wine was spoiled but as it developed I think it just tastes crap as a matter of course.

I suppose, not surprisingly for a wine that smells of Port, it went better with cheese than anything else.

But I thought that Spanish wines were supposed to be great wines at great value to us Brits.  There was nothing here to inspire me to write anything interesting or informative….sorry.

4 Responses to “Palacio de Monsalud 2001”

  1. Chocolate Says:

    I totally agree with the above comment.
    Smells of port, but disappoints you, after the first mouthful.
    ok, let’s open another bottle :- ))

  2. Russell Dorey Says:

    I was surprised to find almost exactly the bottle that I was looking for, mine was 2004. This is the first time I’ve searched for a wine on the internet and I’ve never left a message on a website. I mention that only to help to convey that I’d liked this wine very much. I couldn’t remember where it had come from (it must have been the Sunday Times wine club). I am surprised that you had found it disappointing, poor vintage? try the 2004.

  3. tiina Says:

    cosecha 2004 was very good.

  4. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Indeed. Do you mean this one?

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