Cuvée à l’Ancienne Pouilly-Fuissé 2005

Chicken or egg?  The long standing debate about which came first will never be resolved by a cartoon depicting one or the other enjoying a post-coital cigarette.  Let’s face it, smoking is banned almost everywhere these days.  So I had to find another way to establish the truth.

Cuvée à L’ancienne and a red box (from Virgin)

I had read somewhere that Pouilly-Fuissé goes really well with chicken.  So if it went poorly with eggs then might that lead to a conclusion?

This version of the genre came via Virgin Wines.  If you follow this blog you will know that I ordered a case to see how they fared.  It’s fair to say that I have been more impressed than I expected.  The information on the bottle was a slight problem this time, though.   You would expect to get zero info from a French distributor.  You might expect something informative from an enterprising British importer.  This bottle got caught between the two extremes.  I mean what does “full bodied dry wine with underlying fruit that lingers” actually mean?

When I opened the Pouilly-Fuissé I noticed a slight musty smell that I often get from Chardonnays from Burgundy and I find quite attractive.  The flavour was predominantly white grapefruit, a little peach and the taste of licking a small sliver of wet Welsh slate.  It had a particularly long finish.  Although slightly sharp it was not unpleasant and I would drink more of it but not at £10.99.

I found it at Everywine at a similar price so maybe I shouldn’t complain.  But what about the BIG question?  Did it go poorly with boiled eggs and toast?

Sorry, but it went rather well.  I guess the “chicken or egg” question remains unresolved despite my scientific endeavours.

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