Salduba “Pub”, Banús

More on Puerto Banús, and this was an afternoon sojourn to the Salduba Pub, right on the Port entrance.

The house wines we tried were a 2006 Rosé – BACH Vina Extrisima.  Quite pleasant if basic.  Timid flavours of strawberries and ice cream.

Jeff and Paul kiss and make up after a tiff…for some reason

The next was a red wine:  BACH Crianza 2002.  Bloody awful. with strong flavours of napalm, vinegar and strawberries.

Both were house wines but the rest of the list was uninspirational.  Go to the Salduba by all means, but I’d stick to beer.

Salduba Pub, Muelle de la Ribera, 29660.  Puerto Banús (Málaga).  T: +34 952 811 092

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  1. carlos Says:

    I have just returned from my annual trip to Puerto Banus and the Salduba Pub is as you say a decent venue to squat and watch the passers by. I do however have massive issue with this bar centred around the bar staff working in the small sqaure bar adjacent to the road. Not content with charging 8 euros plus for a drink these guys run their own little racket when it comes to giving punters their change. They basically take an age to ring your drink into the till and when you return from dishing out your round to lcollect your change they will claim in broken english that it “was left on the bar and must have been taken”. In many cases this is total B*****KS, they keep customers change in a dish next to the till and is reguarly deposited into the tips box. They are very slick with this and having been caught out a year ago by this little sting have observed how they operate. The main targets? yes, you’ve guessed it, groups of girls out having a good time and being a bit rowdy!! Its always amazing how these guys speak english when they are chatting you up but cant speak a word of it when you want your change back!!! you have been warned, either go next door to sinatra’s or head down the back street!!!

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