Caring For Your Glasses

Following my recent post on which glasses to drink from I was asked about glass “maintenance”.

There is a supposed cardinal rule with fine wine glasses that you should never use soap.  I ignore this, but do so with care.

Here’s a few practical tips for keeping your wine glasses in tip top condition.

1.  Always store them upright.  I know that means dust can get in the glass but you can easily rinse that out with a little water before using.  It’s much better than getting chips on your rims.

2.  Remove any rings from your fingers before washing. 

3.  Wash with a mild soap solution.  Make sure you use a clean sink or bowl and that you wash your glasses in freshly filled water before you start on your pots and pans.  Use much less soap than you would use for dishes – a really weak mix.  Once washed run each glass under hot water (as hot as you can stand) and then leave the glass to drain on a drainer for a minute or two.

4.  Don’t use anything abrasive.  No pan scourers etc.  However, it is helpful to have a soft brush to get into the bottom of the glass to clean it.

5.  Dry with a special glass cloth – you know, the one you used to see in constant use by landlords 25 years ago.  Dry straight away and whilst the glass is hot.  This is essential to get a streak free finish.  Polish the glass until it is smooth, dry and smear free.  Scrunch the cloth into a ball to clean the inside of the glass but be very careful not to apply too much pressure.  Don’t twist the base whilst holding the bowl.

6.  Give them a quick rinse before use.  If you live in a soft water area then tap water is fine, but if you have hard water I would suggest a drop of bottled water to rinse the glasses.

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