Louis XVI CostCo’s Last Chance?

Louis XVI (seize – geddit?)  CostCo’s last chance.  A number of variable experiences with wine from CostCo have led me to wonder whether to bring down the guillotine (gee-yo-teen) on their wine department.

So tasting this 2004 Louis Jadot Cotes de Beaune-Villages at £6.79 plus VAT was it going to be the best of times or the worst of times?  Was I going to be the Sydney Carton of wine, or the Charles Darnay?

CostCo is known for high quality products at rock bottom prices and this works well for consumer electronics, Red Bull, or San Pellegrino for example.  But wine buyers need a bit more nous than getting the lowest possible price.

A Tale of Two Bottles - Louis Jadot 2004 Cote de Beaune-Villages….and my all time favourite Irish brown sauce (for some reason)

Louis Jadot is a very well respected Burgundy producer with some wines at prices I’d have to pawn my car to afford, so guess what?  He’s not going to sell his best wine cheap!

Actually the wine was OK – not legendary but just about reasonable value.

For the record the taste was of Dutch apple tart (for the culinary retards this includes cinnamon, dried fruit, lemon juice and apples – D’Oh).

Just enough for me to give CostCo one more last chance…but their wine buyers really ought to put a bit more effort into finding good wine – not cheap wine.  It would be a far far better thing they could do than they have ever done, and it would be a far far better wine I drink than I have ever known!

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