When to drink Cloudy Bay

I am deeply unfashionable by nature, and may be the last wino on the planet who still finds Cloudy Bay a good slurp and even (gasp), value for money!

Over the last few years, I’ve been experimenting with drinking it at different stages of youth.  I have just opened a 2007 and discovered a wrinkly old fella.  Tastes flat and tired,- no zing or spring in its step.  Notes of cardboard, straw and sour lemon.

Conversely I find baby Cloudy Bay, on release, a bit uninspiring.  Almost too fresh and grassy.

So I have concluded that my favourite time to drink this Kiwi standard is about 12-18 months after release where I find the classic cats’ piss, gooseberries and lots of fresh zingy grapefruit.

Has anyone tried this with other Kiwi Sauvignon Blancs?

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  1. André Cid Says:

    Hi Alister

    a couple of weeks ago, I opened a bottle of 2007 Cloudy Bay SB. And for me… it was disapointing as you can see here http://www.adegga.com/wine/AVIN9327078934343 very vegetal… no fruits, no tropical aromas that I was aspecting from other kiwi SB’s (maily the Secret Stone SB) I’d try…

    well next time I’ll drink it younger

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