Gaucho Grill wine rip-off rages on

I’ve written before about the rip-off wine mark-ups at the Gaucho Grill (branches in London and Manchester).

Although the wine is outrageously priced, I do pop in occasionally for a top class steak.  And so last week saw me in the Manchester restaurant.  I thought it would be interesting to revisit the wine prices.

In my post of March 2007, I benchmarked a bottle of Susana Balbo Malbec (excellent stuff) at an eye watering mark-up of 250%.  The bottle, available at the time from the Wine Society at £11.95, was marked up to £42.

Time to check out the latest prices.  I checked the Wine Society website and, fair play, it is in stock and still £11.95.  Inflation rate = 0%.

When I checked out the Gaucho Grill wine list, the price has inflated by a Graf Zeppelinistic 22.6% to £51.50.  This now makes the mark-up (against retail price, and one assumes that Gaucho can buy much cheaper) a groin kicking 331%.  By far the highest I have ever seen in any restaurant.

The matured meat may be superb, but I would rather cut my pupils out with a serrated steak knife, than pay these prices.

By all means eat at the Gaucho, but when it comes to wine, just say “NO”.

5 Responses to “Gaucho Grill wine rip-off rages on”

  1. Claire Holden Says:

    I have been in the industry for 20 years and the mark up’s that you talk about are industry standard. You are paying for service, the research in finding rare wines and expertease at the table along with ambience etc. I find this blog a bit odd to be frank!

  2. Simon Lowe Says:

    I am new to your website and I agree with you about Gaucho’s steaks being tip top. Keepo up the good work Mr Wino. Great site.

  3. Alastair Bathgate Says:

    Hi Claire
    I think a 3x mark-up (or 200%) is normal in my experience and I don’t object to that. Even The Ivy works on about 200%.
    In any case, irrespective of markup, how do you justify such a massive price increase over 18 months when the Wine Society has not increased the price at all?
    As for research, I thought nearly all restos bought their wines from importers/distributors…who do the research and then sell to the on and off trade.
    I’m glad you find my blog odd – I aim to be different. Hope you visit again.

  4. Paulo Says:

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