2005 a Desert Odyssey

Just another quick review from my Wine Society 2005 Bordeaux and this time it’s Ch. Moulin du Barrail, Bordeaux Supérieur, Cuvée Prestige.

Quick learning point – “Elevé en Fût de Chêne” – if you see this on a bottle it simply means aged in oak, and this wine was.  Although it tasted more like a piece of sandpaper on a cream cracker in the desert, it left such a dry taste in the mouth.

Ch. Moulin du Barrail…..and a bottle of the excellent Islay Malt - Ardbeg (for some reason)

The flavour was good though and there is much potential.  A subtle wine with a touch or marmite but not really ready to drink yet.  Give it another year then it will probably divide opinion like marmite.

By the way I love marmite, but I like to have a drink of water handy when consuming.

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